The memoir of this Screaming Eagle paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division puts you on the front lines. From the predawn jump at Normandy to the Allied occupation after the war, Layton Black tells it as he experienced it. Sadness and joy march step for step with the front-line soldiers of World War II.

"I have thought about this, the putting down on paper of my wartime years, for more than thirty years and I'm still sure I have not forgotten. Always when I start, "Who cares?" seems to pop into my mind. Now with my age at fifty-three years, it doesn't seem to ;matter anymore. however, it would seem a shame not to capture for future G.I.'s, views from one like myself who has something to say. For several reasons I've made up my mind this year, June 1975, to begin my story."

The above quote, taken from the "Foreward" written some thirty-one years after the D-Day Invasion, describes how Layton Black Jr. began writing the memoirs of his participation in World War II as a "Screaming Eagles" paratrooper with the 101st Airbourne Division.

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